Foundations & Flatwork

Site development and excavation

We have the experienced machine operators and machines necessary to move the earth for you.

Project Experience


  • Clearing brush

  • Tree falling

  • Digging retention ponds

  • Cutting in foundation holes

  • Auger cast pile holes

  • Ravine /natural area restoration

  • Hauling dirt - in or out


 DTRT Doing The Right Thing

Having an organized and properly staged construction site will help keep your project on track and organized so that your project can proceed with the greatest efficiency.


DTFW, Doing The Freakin’ Work.

Let us help you plan your site staging and outline a site management and organization plan that will help you create the successful flow of staff and contractors during your project.

DJ Buildings 

\ dj - buildings \ 


The professional art of assembling materials into a structure “building your home” 

DJ Buildings, INC

Here at DJ Buildings we believe in 2 absolutes. First and foremost; DTRT Doing The Right Thing, then,  DTFW, Doing The Freakin’ Work.

What is your NEXT STEP?

We also provide NEXT STEP SERVICES; these are separate from the above services and are priced per job. Please inquire if you would like for us to bid on additional services for your project!


Port Orchard, WA


Operating Hours

Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm
​​Saturday: 9am - 7pm
​Sunday: 9am - 8pm

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