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The Beginning


In January of 2019, DJ and James were looking to purchase a home to begin a whole new chapter in life. After searching, viewing and bidding on a significant number of homes, only to be outbid quickly, they realized that they were not the only consumers experiencing this situation. There was a serious housing shortage. The discussion turned from looking for a home to what it would take to build their own home… DJ had built her prior home and James had built a significant number of homes for other people, which gave them the knowledge to build their own home. But wait! If they could build a home for themselves, why wouldn’t they put their knowledge and skills to work to assist others that were experiencing the same pain points with trying to find a new home to purchase?


After researching the housing market in Kitsap County and the reasons for the housing shortage, they quickly realized that they were in prime territory for building homes for others, as well.  They took the advice of a powerful coach and heard the call to action. Working long and arduous hours, they started taking action towards their new dream. They burned the midnight oil creating targets and action plans to ensure success. They landed their first deal on land, which spurred the development of their first 5 lot short plat. Within a few short months, an auction house was won and their flagship remodel home was born. In the first 6 months of starting their business they completed a total of 21 additional projects. As with any start up there were a few minor bumps and opportunities to learn more. More about business, more about leading teams, more about themselves.


The following information will help you learn more about DJ and James’ skills individually. This way you can see who we are and what we can do for you!



James’ skills as a developer and DJ's Bachelor’s of Science degrees in both Business Management
and Accounting/Finance create a dream building team.


Developed over the past 20 years through residential properties experience, James' portfolio ranges approximately 50 homes from fix and flips starting at $250,000 to ground up builds which are now valued at over $2,700,000.


Meet DJ

DJ provides the quintessential experience with professionalism and care in customer service.

Project management certifications:

CompTia + ; Lean - Six Sigma ; 
Scrum  ;  Waterfall  ;  Agile
Safety and health certifications:
Certified competent person (excavation)
Certified rigging inspector (cranes)
Certified First aid /CPR/AED
OSHA 10 and 30 hour certifications
Machine Guarding
Personal Protective Equipment
Safety Management
Safety Committee Management/Trainer
Safety Training Development


DJ Buildings 

\ dj - buildings \ 


The professional art of assembling materials into a structure “building your home”